Do I Need To Straighten My Curved Penis?

Having a curved penis may sound like something that should be discussed with your doctor, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Believe it or not, some 98% of men across the globe have some degree of penis curvature. Why is your penis curved, and is it a problem that needs to be addressed with your doctor or a specialist? Keep reading to find out more.


penis-curvatureWhy is my penis curved?

There is no one answer for why a penis may be curved.

It could be genetics, it could be the result of an injury or surgery as a child, or in rare cases, it could be the result of Peyronie’s disease.

The latter needs to be diagnosed by a doctor or specialist. If you have a slight curvature of your penis that doesn’t interfere with your daily life or sexual experience, then you are part of 98% of the male population of the world.

Having a curved penis isn’t always a bad thing though. Depending on your position, a curved penis can be ideal for stimulating the g-spot of your partner, leading to mind blowing vaginal orgasms that most women don’t experience during their lifetime.

straighten-penisCan I straighten my curved penis?

If you dislike the appearance of your curved penis, or it is causing you problems, then there are ways to straighten it.

Visit to get a better idea of what you’re looking at.

These devices, which are actually used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, can be used comfortably at home to straighten and lengthen your penis.

Taking your vitamins can also help augment the straightening process.

Specifically, you should focus on vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and Q10, which are known to help with tissue and skin elasticity. It could also be useful for preventing unsightly stretch marks from forming on the skin of your groin and genitals.

Peyronies-DiseaseWhat is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that affects the penis and is often signified by a significant bend in the patient’s penis. This bend, the result of the development of fibrous scar tissue, can become extremely painful if or when the patient becomes erect. Straightening the penis doesn’t prevent the development of more scar tissue, but it can help prevent the painful symptoms that accompany an erection with Peyronie’s disease.

A significant bend in your penis should be looked at by a doctor to make sure that you are not suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

Should I straighten my penis?

This is based on your personal preference. If you don’t like the appearance of your penis and would like to get rid of the curvature in your genitals, then straightening your penis is indeed an option. The straighteners at the link above aren’t your only option though. A quick search for penile traction devices or penis extenders can bring up similar options, which may be less expensive. They are not effective, however, if you have a high degree of curvature.

Before you begin to straighten or lengthen your curved penis, it is important to visit your doctor to make sure you’re not suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

While all of the straighteners at the link above are considered medically safe to use, it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor before you begin any sort of long term treatment plan. He or she may wish to make sure that you are healthy enough for sexual activity and will not be adversely affected by your effort to straighten your penis.


For many men, pride in their penis is a key part of their self esteem and overall confidence.

Instead of letting a curved penis affect your confidence or your enjoyment of sex, spend some time using a penile straightener and take the bull by the horns, so to speak. You’ll be surprised how much your confidence is bolstered when you are happy with the appearance of your genitals.

And if you’re happy with the state of your penis, then good for you!
Rock that confidence and find a partner whose world needs rocking.